Aug 132010

Saturday August 7th was a perfect Launch day for us!

We had quite a few perfect flights on the clearest day we have ever had so far. Add the blue sky and almost no wind and our recoveries were almost at our feet!

Much thanks to all who attended. We had most of our regulars plus our Tripoli South Florida group was represented as well.
Next Launch we will have a sign–in sheet so I don’t forget to mention anyone.

The next scheduled launch for The Broward Area Rocketry Society will be on Saturday September 11th, 2010 at 8:00AM up on the Hill at Vista View Park

If you are planning to build or have any Red, White and Blue Rockets, Please bring them to remember those who lost their lives on this 9th anniversary of September 11, 2001

911 Memorial

Our normal first Saturday Launch date have been pre-empted by the Labor Day Weekend. We plan to get back to first Saturdays in October.

Vista View Park allows us to fly A – G motors

B.A.R.S. Will have its Club Launch Pad setup for all to use. We have 1/8th, 3/16th, 1/4″ and 1/2″ Rods available as well as a Standard Launch Rail.

If you have a pad and want to set it up next to ours, please do so. It will help switch over time of the Rods and Rails.

Our Launch System is a Pratt 24 Volt Universal Launch System that is appropriate for Low, Mid, High Power Motors and Initiators.
We also have a Four Motor Cluster Cable available.

All NAR and Vista View Park Safety Rules are in EFFECT! Let’s have a SAFE DAY!
If you want to join our club, the only prerequisite is that you are a NAR Member.

You can join the National Rocketry Association

For Directions:

Coming Soon!

B.A.R.S. is slowly getting organized and we will have our Club Information Cards available by the September Launch. These two sided 4×6” cards will give others information about us, links to email and our website.

We hope by doing this, we can increase our club membership and Launch attendance. A big thanks to Chris for getting all this stuff ready!

We are still discussing what our membership fees will be. Chris, Clay and I would love to keep everything free but the club does have expenses such as Permits and Ground Support Equipment. We promise to keep it as low as we can and extremely reasonable especially because of the economy. We do not want to burden anyone.

What is planned is a yearly fee to join the club and a minor fee to launch with us. For non club members the launch fee will be slightly higher. We will give everyone a heads up before this starts.

Tripoli South Florida News
The next scheduled launch for Tripoli South Florida should be on Sunday August 29th, 2010 at 9:00AM (Please note that this date was rescheduled from August 15th).

For more TSF information Keep an eye on the TSF Site for any schedule changes.

The Tripoli South Florida Launch allows us to use A-G Motors. H and larger impulse Motors as set by your current Tripoli Rocketry Association Certification

If you need to purchase motors, please see Bernie who usually shows up at both launches. You can email him at BENBUZZBOY3@AOL.COM to make arrangements. Bernie is a dealer for Cesaroni and Aerotech Motors.

For all Launches, please remember to bring water, sun screen and head covering to protect yourself from the Sun. It is hot out there! Chairs, small covered tents and tables are welcome as well.

We will catch you all soon!, Marc

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