Sep 132010

Once again, we had just about perfect weather for our monthly club launch!

We welcomed some newcomers as well as some of our regulars. Thanks to Dan and Barry and their family’s for joining us!

Also I want to thank Chris, Steve and Mr. Joe Vallone for adding to the day!

Next Month I promise to have a sign in sheet so I don’t forget anyone!

I do want express some big thank you’s for the following people for not only joining us but helping to make it a spectacular day and our best launch to date!

A big thank you to “Rocket Rick” from Tripoli West Palm Beach for helping BARS commemorate the 9th Anniversary of 9/11. Rick was kind enough to help represent BARS in remembrance of that day with his “American Dream” Which is shown below. The rocket besides being patriotic, is a beautiful piece of work!

And also I want to thank our friend Marty of our TSF Group, for being a wealth of help and information, Marty is also helping out BARS with the donation of Launch Rods and Custom made Blast Deflectors. Also, how do you properly thank someone who drives almost three hours round trip and helps you setup and breakdown. I will have to figure that out!

Rick posing with his “American Dream”

Rocket Rick with his American Dream!

The Tops Stage Low Power Launch of the American Dream

The Top Stage Launch of Rick's American Dream

One of Marty’s famous “ODD-Rocks” This home built bird comes in several sizes!

And a thumbs up for Marty for his Odd Rock!

Please take a look at our Picture Gallery for more great lift-offs on that day.

For those who took pictures and would like us to post them in the Gallery, please email


The next scheduled launch for The Broward Area Rocketry Society will be on Saturday October 9th , 2010 at 9:00AM up on the Hill at Vista View Park
I am pushing the start time to 9:00AM for this Launch.

(Please note that this Launch Date was changed from October 2nd because of a work conflict. Please update your calendars.)

Vista View Park allows us to fly A – G motors

All NAR and Vista View Park Safety Rules are in EFFECT! Let’s have a SAFE DAY!

If you want to join our club, the only prerequisite is that you are a NAR Member.

To become a member, you must also be a member of the National Association of Rocketry

For Directions:

Tripoli South Florida News
The next scheduled launch for Tripoli South Florida should be on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 9:30AM

For more TSF information Keep an eye on the TSF Site for any schedule changes.

The Tripoli South Florida Launch allows us to use A-G Motors. H and larger impulse Motors as set by your current Tripoli Rocketry Association Certification

If you need to purchase motors, please see Bernie who usually shows up at both launches. You can email him at BENBUZZBOY3@AOL.COM to make arrangements. Bernie is a dealer for Cesaroni and Aerotech Motors.

For all Launches, please remember to bring water, sun screen and head covering to protect yourself from the Sun. It is hot out there! Chairs, small covered tents and tables are welcome as well.

Other News:

We should have our Club Launch Rack ready to go by the next Launch!. I am gathering the parts and should have it completed. I am still deciding whether to make it a 4, 5 or 6 pad rack. I may just do a 4 and if we need to, build a second one later. You will know when you see it!

As a final note, I want to express my extreme thanks to my friend Les, his wife Cindi and Tom his father-in-law for joining us and helping out with rocket retrieval. It is always great to have family at a Launch!

We will catch you all soon!, Marc

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