Mar 152012

Hello to all of our Flyers.

I can’t thank all you enough for making our Launch Days the success that they have become.We are now getting well over 100 flights plus new faces every month!

When we were a small group, it was much easier to make sure everyone was safe and that our Safety Rules were being followed.  Because our group has gotten so large, I find that Broward Area Rocketry has to put some more controls in place to make sure that all of our flyers and spectators remain safe and that our group continues to have a 100% Safety Record.

Starting at our next Launch on Saturday April 7th, 2012 we will be adding a Sign-In Sheet for all people who want to fly a Rocket.

On this sheet we ask you to please to list your Name, Rocket Type/Name  Motor Type and Number of Motors  and let one of the Range Safety Officers/Launch Control Officers  (RSO/LCO) inspect the Rocket to make sure it is safe to fly. We will help you through this new requirement.

When the Pad is ready, I will call a number of people to place their Rocket on a  designated Pad Number.

No flyer is to go to any of the Launch Pads with out the OK of  one of the Range Safety Officers/Launch Control Officers  (RSO/LCO) permission to do so.

I will then call the Owner of the next Rocket that is ready to launch to the Launch Table and after the 3-Count they can Launch their Rocket(s).

The the RCO/LCO  will let the Flyer know when they can go recover their Rocket.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will anyone attempt to catch their Rocket before it lands on the ground. This has always been stated in our Safety Rules.

And please note: We ask that no spectators, unless they are helping their child or children  at the Pads,  be allowed past the main tent on  or roam around the field.

This is a big change of how we were doing things and  I ask everyone to help make these extra safety regulations work.

We all know that Model Rocketry is one of the safest hobbies that there is and none of us would want to have someone get hurt. This includes a rocketry injury or even someone running around and falling.  If that was to happen, we would lose our use of Vista View Park and that would be that.

Also starting at our next event,  there will be two RSO’s/LCO’s at the Launch Controller Table that is located under the tent, Myself and Scott Siedler.  I am sure most of you have either met or seen Scott who has been an incredible help to our gatherings and has volunteered to keep us all safe and help the group out.

Again,  I want to thank you all profusely for your support.

 Sincerely Yours,

Marc Schlesinger
Scott Seidler