Jul 152012


Saturday July 14th, 2012 saw the One Year Anniversary of the Homestead Public Rocketry Club  at  the Homestead Reserve Air Park.

The HPRC is run by Sergio Cruz and several of his friends.  

You can see his Facebook Page by clicking here

Click here for The HPRC Facebook Page.

Broward Area Rocketry, NAR Section # 717  was very pleased to join them for this special afternoon of great rocketry!

As usual for summer Florida weather, it was raining when we got there but after about 20 minutes the rain stopped, the Sun came out and we started to setup.

HPRC has come a long way in the past year with their club recently adding a custom made PVC Launch Rack which was pretty impressive.  And their new Launch Rack got quite a lot of use during the day!

Below is a picture of the HPRC Home built Rocket that uses 3 E Motors and flies beautifully!


 You can click here to see all of the pictures I took including two spectacular CATO’s using the infamous Estes E9 Motors!

One of the day’s highlights was the arrival of the Miami Herald!  We were joined by several people from the Miami Herald including a Reporter and a Photographer.

I will update this post when I know what date the Article will be published.

I want to personally thank my Broward Area Rocketry Co-Captain, Scott Seidler for all of his help which always goes above and beyond,   Steve Chambers who brought his Level II Bird and Electronics to display more of our Hobby and Martin Kuck who always surprises with a new kind of Odd-Rocket like a Flying Saucer or a Ring-Finned Rocket. Marty’s is always  helping someone, explaining how rockets and motors work or letting them press the button.  Marty also supplies our groups Launch Rods and Blast Deflectors. Marty, you are the best!

Hope to see you all at our next Vista View Park Launch on Saturday August 4th, 2010 at 9:00 AM

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Marc and Scott

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