Jul 192012


Hello Everyone!

It is a little bit of a short notice but we are going to try something just a bit different this Saturday.

Broward Area Rocketry is going to host it’s very first “Misfire Alley” Launch Day

(You can read more about this at the bottom of this post)


The Launch will be run by our own Scott Siedler who did the research, planning and setup of this coming event.

So here are the particulars of this special Launch!

What:           Broward Area Rocketry Society  NAR Member launch

Where:        Vista View Park

When:          Saturday July 21 2012

Registration begins at 8:30am
Launch from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Open to NAR members and sponsored guests
(Any NAR  member registered to launch can sponsor a guest)

Bring your launch equipment
(or arrange with someone to use theirs)


Register and purchase a station card and launch tickets

  • Your name and NAR# are required. Email address is optional.
  • Station cards and flight tickets will be required for entry to the launch area.
  • The motor sizes you intend to use will determine the type of station you will need.
  • Model (A-D) or Mid power (E-G). (Model rockets can launch from Mid power stations).
  • Launch tickets can be purchased any time during the launch day and must be redeemed to launch a rocket.  
  • Set up equipment in the area assigned
  • Enter the launch area only at the gate. Do not cross over or under the range fence.
  • Range officers will designate the location of your station in the launch area.
  • Multiple pads or racks can be set up in a station.
  • Prep rocket in the designated prep area

   All rocket prep must be done outside the launch area.

  • Present rocket and redeem launch tickets
  • Take the rocket to the launch area gate for inspection and redeem the required tickets for the launch.
  • Stage the rocket on the pad for launch
  • Place the rocket on the pad. Make all connections and complete all preparations to make it launch ready.
  • Deliver station card to Launch Control Officer
  • The Launch Control Officer (Scott) will add your card to the stack and notify you when it is time for your launch.
  • Await launch instructions

Do not arm your launch controller until the LCO is ready for your launch.


    You or the LCO/RSO can do a count down.


    The LCO will return the station card to you for your next launch.

    Section cards and launch tickets must be purchased before you launch

Station cards:
    Station cards are used to record and control launches.
    They must be filled out completely prior to launch

PAD setup Fees (Bring your own Pad, Controller and Battery)

   Model rocket (one pad)                                              $5.00
   Additional pads                                                            $2.00 Each
   Mid power rocket (one pad)                                     $10.00
   Additional pads                                                            $4.00 Each

Launch tickets:

Tickets will be sold for $1 each during registration and thereafter as needed.
They can be redeemed as follows.

Model rocket                                           1 ticket/launch

Mid power rocket                                 2 tickets/launch


We plan on doing this every 3rd Saturday of each month which gives our members two chances to fly every month.

Again please note that to fly at this special event, you must be a NAR Member.  You can become a member at http://nar.org

See you all on Saturday,  Scott


“The Misfire Alley Launch Setup”  From The NAR Section Online Guide

The Misfire Alley system is an “individual responsibility” system. Everyone who wants to fly at a club function provides his own personal launcher, firing system, and firing battery; or he arranges to use the system provided by another club member.

Each participant sets up his own launch system in an area designated by the RSO. Usually the launching stations are placed in a straight line or U-shaped arrangement, with each launch pad located at least 5 meters from the next one.

A large sign adjacent to each launcher designates the launching station by number. Each participant is free to prepare his own models for flight in the area of his launching station, without interference from other participants. Since he is located at least 5 meters from the next nearest launcher, he may continue preparing his model while other rockets are being launched.

When large models are being flown, the RSO may require that all persons on the range stand and observe the flight path in order that they will be immediately aware of any malfunction, and that  Rocketeers in adjacent firing stations leave their areas during the actual firing.

The RSO conducts range operations from the center table and each pad functions independently under his control. The RSO, who is centrally located and has a clear view of all participants, spectators, and launching stations, as well as the area surrounding the range, gives a range safety clearance by announcing to all participants “Pad number 5 is clear to launch.” The modeler at station 5 then arms his firing system, either he or the RSO gives an audible 5 second countdown, and the modeler launches his rocket.


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