Oct 162012

 Hello Everyone!

We will be be holding a “Misfire Alley” Launch this coming Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon (Maybe a bit later)

Full information about this Launch is at this link:


Important: Please read all about this event before you come out to the field.

Registration begins at 8:30am.

The Weather Report is looking good!
Intermittent clouds with possible Showers
wind speed: 4 mph N
wind gusts: 9 mph

The Launch will be run and supervised by our own Scott Siedler with support from the BARS Launch Crew. 

The Launch is open to NAR members and sponsored guests
(Any NAR member registered to launch can sponsor a guest)

Bring your launch equipment (or arrange with someone to use theirs)

Again please note that to fly at this special event, you must be a NAR Member. You can become a member at http://nar.org

We will also have NAR Applications at the field if you want to sign up on the Launch Day.

For complete information on this Misfire Ally Launch Event, please click on this link   https://narbars.org/misfire-alley-launch-information/

See you all on Saturday, Scott, and the BARS Launch Crew!

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