Oct 152014

Hello Everyone!

It is time again for our Mid-month Misfire Alley Launch.   Event runs from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.

We have a special Event this Saturday!  Our First “BARS-B-QUE”  All our Flyers are invited.   We will be cooking up Burgers and Hotdogs and we will also have Soda, Water and Chips.

Will will be getting this all together between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm after we pack up the Launch Gear.

The “Misfire  Alley” Event

There are just Four things to know for this Monthly Launch:

1) Bring your Rockets, Motors and Launch Equipment.  Your own equipment should include a Launch Pad, Launch Controller and a battery to power it all.

2) You MUST be a NAR Member.  Non NAR Members will not be allowed to Fly.  This is a Vista View Park/Broward County Requirement.

3) You MUST bring your NAR Card or Printed Paperwork after signing up at the NAR Website.

4) The Cost to fly is $10.00 Per Pad that you Setup.  If you use one of our Pads because you don’t have one, the cost is the same.

You can become a member at http://nar.org    When you sign up, please note on your application that NAR Section # 717 sent you.

See you all on Saturday, The BARS Launch Crew!

For full Launch Information,  please read our BARS Misfire Alley Information before you come out to the Park.  



MCS_8169 (Medium)The Weather looks fantastic!

Mostly Sunny
wind speed: 4 mph NE
wind gusts: 9 mph
max. UV-Index: 7


For all Launches, please remember to bring water, sun screen and head covering to protect you from the Sun. The South Florida Sun is very strong and even on a cloudy day,  you will get fried! Chairs, small covered tents and tables are welcome as well.

See you all this Saturday,

The BARS Launch Crew

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