Jun 072017

Hello to all of our Flyers!

Right now we are waiting to see if the Rain is ever going to let up.
Unfortunately, Thunder Showers are in the forecast for this coming Saturday.

Please keep on eye on this Site for Launch Updates.   We should know late Friday if we are a “Go” or not.

For Last Minute Launch Info, please call my Office Number @ 954-922-8627. 

Just in case we have better weather for Saturday, here is our Launch Information
And please remember to get on our Launch/Mailing List by Friday Afternoon to be able to fly… Vista View Park Rules!


We are still looking for an alternative Launch Field in Broward County.  If anyone has an idea,  please let us know!

Our next Launch at Vista View Park will be on Saturday June 10, 2017 starting at 10:00 AM, Weather Willing


Please note:  Requirements to be able to Fly at Vista View Park

You must be a NAR Member. Please bring your NAR Membership Card or Pending Paperwork if you have not gotten your Card yet.

Please enter your name in the Flight Form on the Right Side of the page.  If your name is not on the list, you will not be able to fly.  If you have already done this,  please enter it again just to make sure. The Form will tell you if you have already done so and you will not have to do it again.

 This Launch we are back to flying A through G Motors but no Multi-Stage or Cluster Rockets. And all Rockets and Motors must be inspected before you go out to the Pads.

We will also be asking for people to volunteer to be Spotters on the field.  We will change people around as the day goes on.

We are doing everything we can to stay in the good graces of the Park and the County.

The BARS Launch Crew get to the field at Vista View Park  at about 10:00 AM to setup the Tent, the Launch Equipment and Pads. Everyone is invited to help and it is very appreciated.

All NAR and Vista View Park Safety Rules are in EFFECT! Let’s have a SAFE DAY!

For all Launches, please remember to bring water, sun screen and head covering to protect you from the Sun. The South Florida Sun is very strong and even on a Cloudy Winter Day,  you will get fried! Chairs, small covered tents and tables are welcome as well.

Lastly, If you are looking for Motors and Custom Chutes locally, please contact Mike West at 561-862-7126 or email mvwest75@gmail.com   or  Nick Martin at  nmartinjr@me.com

Please remember that Broward Area Rocketry does not charge any per Flight or Yearly Membership Fees for our Monthly General Launch.   We exist solely on your donations.   Don’t forget to throw something in the Donation Jar as you come around to the Flight Table to Sign in.  Thank you all who continue to help BARS offer our Launches every month!

See you all this Saturday,

The BARS Launch Crew

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