Sep 072018

A photo of Nick who is one of our spectacular Launch Crew Members the last time we did a Cub Scout Event  🙂





Hello to all of our Flyers,

Unfortunately, the weather reports are getting worse for Saturday with the forecast showing Thunderstorms from early morning through late afternoon.

And on a better note….. Broward Area Rocketry has once again been asked by the Local Cub Scouts and the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA South Florida Council to do an Exhibition at Camp Elmore which is on the other side of Vista View Park on Saturday October 6th, 2018.

We have decided to make this our October Launch and all Flyers are invited.   

It is a small field so this is a good time to have fun with Low-Low Power Rockets and Motors.  And if you have the Jolly Chute Releases,  we can do larger motors as well.

We will update the Web Site and Email with more information as we get closer to the Event.

Lets make this a big turn out as we support the Scouts and our Community!

If anyone has questions,  please contact Marc at

The Bars Launch Crew