B.A.R.S. Ground Support Equipment


The Broward Area Rocketry Society currently has the following Ground Support Equipment for our monthly Club Launches

Launch Pad 1: Launch Rack with adjustable swivel Six Pad Positions
Available Rods: 1/8″‘, 3/16″ and  1/4″ Rods

Launch Pad 2: Impulse Aerospace Quad Pod Pro (For the BIG Stuff using Rod’s and Rails)
We have a six foot and an eight foot 1/2″ Rod and a six foot 1010 Launch Rail with a six foot extension
We can fly anything from the Quad Pod

Launch Controller Specifications:
Custom designed 10 Pad Relay Launch Controller built by Ron at Black Dog Rocketry

Heavy Duty Aluminum and Steel construction
10 Pad Positions
100′ Cable between the Controller and the Pad Box
Separate Launch Controller and Relay Pad Box Ignition Unit
Arming is at the Main Controller Table
Continuity checking can be done at both the Main Controller and the Pad Box
Can use any type of Ignitor, high or low current
The ability to do “Drag Races” with all 10 Pads at once!
And we still have our BIG RED LAUNCH BUTTON!

Please Note:

We know that many flyers have their own Launch Equipment that they like to use but because of safety concerns, all flyers must use the supplied equipment that has been setup by the Broward Area Rocketry Society.

No additional Launch Equipment may be setup and/or used without the express permission of the Broward Area Rocketry Society