B.A.R.S. Safety Code


Broward Area Rocketry Society


  1. You must launch in the presence of a B.A.R.S. Launch Control Officer (LCO) or Range Safety Officer (RSO) during scheduled B.A.R.S. launch days only.  The Broward County Park Permit only applies to B.A.R.S. sanctioned launch activities
  2. You must follow range safety rules and remain clear of rockets, launch pads and launch controllers unless actively working on them and with approval of the RSO /LCO.
  3. Rockets must be properly assembled with an attached recovery device, in flyable condition, and the motor must be properly secured.
  4. At the BARS General Launch, every flyer must use The Launch Equipment supplied by The Broward Area Rocketry Society. No other Launch Equipment may be used without specific permission by the B.A.R.S. RSO /LCO.
  5. Only 1/4A thru G, NAR certified motors may be used to fly rockets at Broward Vista View Park.
  6. Broward Area Rocketry has the Right to inspect every Model Rocket before it is goes out to the Pads and if it decided that it is not in Proper Flight Condition, it will not be allowed to be Launched.
  7. Launch Clearance Considerations: You must check the sky, make sure the range is clear, and wait for launch approval from the RSO/LCO before the launch key is set to ARMED and proceeding with your countdown.
  • Please note that Vista View Park has airspace shared by Radio-controlled aircraft, ultra-light and individuals Para-sailing, as well as small aircraft.  In addition, the park is in the flight path of approaching commercial aircraft at higher altitudes.  The airspace should be clear of all types of aircraft prior to each launch.
  • Vista View Park is also home to horseback riders, cyclists, runners, automobiles, and other pedestrian activities.  The vicinity of the launch area must be clear of this traffic prior to each launch.
  1. After receiving launch approval from the RSO/LCO, will alert the crowd of your launch by announcing “Launching!  5…4…3…2…1” then depress the Fire button on  the B.A.R.S launch controller.
  2. After launch, The rocket must land naturally under its own recovery system before it can be touched.  No one is allowed to catch a rocket out of the air.
  3. Every flyer and/or adult guardian is responsible to ensure that their rocket is safe and for every incident or injury caused by his or her rocket, including malfunctions.
  4. Children if NAR Members are welcome to watch and/or fly their model rockets in the presence of a parent or guardian.
  5. Do not attempt to retrieve rockets from tall trees, buildings, or water (canals, ponds, etc).  Notify the B.A.R.S. RSO/LCO of any rocket landing in such obstructions.
  6. Because of County provisions and the fact that all of B.A.R.S. launches are family events with people under 18 participating or watching, only 1/4A’s through G  NAR Certified Commercial Motors may be used. Experimental Motors such as “Sugar Motors”  or Non-Commercial Motors are prohibited and may not be used.
  7. Please take into consideration that all of these rules are meant for the safety of all participants.

Broward Area Rocketry enjoys having a perfect safety record!