BARS Level One Certification Guidelines


Broward Area Rocketry is now able to host NAR Level 1 Certification flights.

What is a Level 1 Certification?

A NAR Level One Certification Flight consists of using a High Power Motor with a matching Rocket

All High Power Flights must be accompanied by either a Rock-Sim or Open Rocket Printout showing your altitude will not exceed 3000 feet.

As you already know, we are normally allowed to use any motor from a 1/4 A to an E (BP) for Low Power, an E, F or G (Composite) for Mid Power. An Composite H Motor brings you to the next level in Rocketry, High Power.

Try to figure out a good balance of Rocket and Motor size.

A Loc Precision Minnie-Magg with a Cesaroni H-90 motor will fly to 781 feet which is just about perfect for our field.  On an H-125 you will get about 1530 feet. You can also fly this Rocket on high G Motors too.

Remember that high altitude is not a factor in a Level 1 Certification Flight.  The point is to build a HPR Rocket properly, Launch It and get it back undamaged ready to fly again.

Broward County and the Officials at Vista View park have graciously allowed us to do Level One Certification Flights with the following rules:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a current NAR Member with a NAR Membership Card
  • Your Rocket must be inspected by the BARS Launch Crew to check for Flight Worthiness
  • Your Rocket can use either Rail Buttons or a 1/2″ heavy duty Launch Lug
  • Your Rocket must use a Motor Retainer for Positive Motor Retention.
  • Your MUST supply either a Rocksim or Open Rocket Profile for the Flight.
  • Remember that we have a 3000 Foot Flight Ceiling.  Your Rocket must not break the ceiling.
  • Try to email us at least few days before the Launch so we can schedule your flight.


There will be a $10.00 Launch Fee for a Level One Flight attempt.

If everything is in order, you will be given a Launch Window to get your rocket on our High Power Quad-pod Launch Pad, Launch it from our Controller and  return it undamaged to one of the Launch Crew for inspection and the signing of your paperwork. Your Rocket must be ready to fly again to qualify for your Certification.  Minor damage and minor Zippers are allowed.

We all have to thank the Park Administrator, Chris Deal and Broward County for allowing BARS this opportunity.

 For more information, please contact Marc at

Our Level 1 Launch Window is between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM but you must be there at least one hour before to prep your rocket and have it inspected.

If you need to purchase Motors for your Certification Flight, you can contact Mike West in advance at 561-862-7126 or email You can also contact Nick Martin at  for Motors as well. Mike West and Nick Martin represent Aerotech and Cesaroni Motors and Hardware. They also carry also carry accessories such as Parachutes, Rail Buttons and other accessories.


  1. Please note: The above information is the Standard of our Hobby and all BARS Launch Equipment and Launch Pads meet or exceed all Safety Requirements.   Only Broward Area Rocketry Equipment and Launch Pads will be used for Level I Certification Flights. We do not have permission to Launch anything larger than an “H” Motor and we have a Top Flight Ceiling of 3000 Feet.   All Certification Flights must be accompanied with a Flight Data Printout from “RockSim” or “Open Rocket” proving that all Rules and Safety Requirements have been met or the Flight will not take place.